Good morning World Wide Web!

I got LOTS of sleep last night so I'm feeling a bit spunky right now.  Sitting here in front of my computer.  With my coffee.  Wondering, what's for breakfast?  Is it time for brunch yet?  Who's gonna make it anyway?  Hmm…  Since I'm feeling a bit on the spunky side, which I said already, and it's chilly outside, my toes are cold, and there's a lot to do before I sleep, I think I'll be headed the french toast route.  Oooo can't wait!

On the list for today:

Clean this room!  It's a disaster in here.



Mail this box!  After it's full of goody goodness for my sister.  Hi sister!



Sew this button back on. Ellie chewed it off.  And it's one of my favorite shirts too!  Humph.



Get the sheets and towels washed.  It's about time I need a clean towel and there just ain't none around this place.  Unless I decide to use a dish towel, but that might be a bit more tricky than I want to sign up for.

Mail these shoes to my other sister.  Hi sister!



Get dog food!  Which means taking Ellie for a field trip to get her nails clipped at the same time.  

And while I'm out and about, stop at So Cupcake.  Because I really do deserve a treat.  

AND!  When I get back, it's time to start the new sewing project(s).  Alterations!  I'm about ready to fix up some clothes that are only mediocre.  Ready for them to be the perfect thing!  Yay!



So, here's to a productive Saturday.  Started by sleeping in.  Who knew it was possible?


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