Hooray for Saturday

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I'm gonna just say, I am so freaking glad it's Saturday.  



It was kind of a long week.  I'm so glad it's over.

And now I'm very much enjoying my warm breakfast, coffee, and brainstorming.  The checkbook is balanced and I'm ready to make my shopping lists for the weekend.  Yay!

I've been sewing away this week.  Not as much as I could I suppose, but working either way.  Finished up another small project.  I'll show pictures later.  It always feels so go to have finished a project, to have something tangible in your fingers that you made.  It's quite the feeling of accomplishment.

I'm working on a couple ideas for projects coming up.  Very excited!  Off to the fabric store today while I'm out and about to see what I find on the remnant tables.  Yay!

AND I'm almost done with the second bag.  Have to pick up a couple things when I'm out today.  So very excited about it.  It's so cute!



The weather is supposed to be phenominal this weekend.  So glad the weather is finally consistantly warm.  It is totally making a difference in my productivity and moods.  

Tomorrow I'm off to the mountains with friends for a day hike.  Can't wait.  

So, to sum up, it's just gonna be a couple of very good days.  With very good weather.  I'll be working on some very good ideas.  And sewing… quite alot!



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