moving right along


Well, project #1 is moving right along nicely.  All the fabric pieces are cut out and ready to press.  While I was at the store (did I mention it was an impromptu stop?) I didn't know which kind of interfacing to get so I didn't get any.  Which is fine, and mostly the right thing to do, but now I have to go buy it and cut out all the pieces again before I can get to the sewing part.  I was a smudge frustrated.



But it's really really no big deal.

And I still absolutely love it.  So that's really good.

So that's project #1.  Are you ready for a sneaky peeky at project #2??



How smashingly awesome is that?  Can't decide if I want to cut it out before I sew the other one.  Or if I finish the other one completely before starting the next one…  What do you think?



One thought on “moving right along

  1. ….be careful, Margie, all my life I have had a drawer filled with cut-out unfinished projects in various stages. I think they multiply when the drawer is closed.

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