Saturday morning the three of us hopped in the car and headed from Westwood around the hills and into Glendale.  It was kind of a pretty drive.  And traffic wasn't bad.

So excited to see my brother and his family.  His wife is awesome and they have some of the cutest four little kids I ever did see.  



We headed over to Descanso Gardens in the afternoon.  Lots of turtles in the water.  Ducks, fish, & frogs.  It was shady and so many flowers bloomed everywhere.  




Sunday afternoon was all about family.  And naps.  Had a great time playing princess fairies, sitting in the warm sunshine, and traveling about Glendale.  Hey family! Thanks for the fun!





Monday was travel home day.  And here I am!  Overall a very much needed trip.  I've had a few visits from people lately and that has been really nice.  Everyone come see me!  But it sure is nice to go somewhere else and be the tourist for a couple days. 

By the time it was all over and I was headed home, I was ready to be there.  I call that a successful trip.  Not too long and not too short.




One thought on “Family

  1. Come again any time! I promise not to wear you out too much. Maybe next time you won't have such a headache, too. That would help, huh? Love you so much.

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