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I recently discovered fat quarters.  

And they come in bundles.

And I love them.

If I'm not careful, I'll end up with a collection the size of my paper collection.

Which is sizeable.

I started this project 6 weeks ago (has it been that long already?! Yikes!) while my mom was visiting.  The first time.  Not when she was visiting two weeks later.  Starting it was fun and exciting and I was totally into it.  It was so fun!  And my sewing machine was happy.  And I felt like i could conquer it.  And I did!  Well, almost.

The motivation escaped me.  All of the sudden.  I had all the pieces to do it.  But I so totally did not want to finish it.

So I let it sit there.  And look at me.  With all it's pieces collected in one place.  Just waiting.

Until now!  I.finally.finished.it. Finally. Finished. Yay!




 So now the million dollar question… what to do with it??

AND, what project should I finish next?

(or I could start a brand new one.  snicker snicker.)



2 thoughts on “.finally.finished.

  1. Well, I must say it's a cute as mine! btw, it's “all of A sudden.” Did you NOT want to finish it, or were you just not motivated to finish it? hmmm…. does that mean anything deep? hmmmm…. Congratulations to you! (I've heard that success breeds success) onward and upward!

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