Thursday was travel day.  I arrived in LA in the early afternoon.  No delays or troubles or issues on the flight.  Which is always so very nice.  Mom picked me up at LAX and then we were off into LA traffic.  Not too bad as it wasn't rush hour time yet.  But it was enough to remind me to be grateful for my Salt Lake City traffic.  🙂

We had dinner and a walk around the block before we headed off to downtown.  Mom got tickets for the  Stars on Ice at the Staples Center.  Fun but chilly.  



In case you didn't know, the Nokia Theater is right across the street from the Staples Center.  If you watch American Idol, you know the place I speak of.  Yep, I was there.  And nope, I didn't see anyone special.  In fact, during the whole trip I didn't see any celebrities.  Bummer.



It was way later than I'm used to staying up, plus it's an hour earlier there.  So when the show ended at 9, it was really 10 for me.  Which happens to be way past my bedtime.  We headed home with not much difficulty and went straight to bed.  Wheew! Long day.

Beach details coming up tomorrow…



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