that’s what she said

she said


I've been making huge effort lately to get Ellie to the dog park.  She has been skiddish around other dogs and mostly around people.  She stays cooped up in the apartment all day and when I get home I'm beat and done for the day.  But she needs some play time. 

So for the last two days, as soon as I'm in the door, It's off to the park.  It's a completely fenced area for dogs to play off-leash.  And she does pretty well.  She doesn't jump in and play with the big dogs.  But when they come over to say hello, she doesn't bark and run away.

Except for one who was trying to be all up in her business.  

And the one who was trying to be all up in my business. 

But those two deserved it.

She's doing better around people she doesn't know.  And dogs too.  I'm hoping that soon we'll be able to go outside at the same time as the two dogs downstairs.

They had an altercation a few weeks ago.  But the owners are really nice.



One thought on “that’s what she said

  1. That doggie is just so adorable! She and the downstairs doggies may never get along because it's all about territory ownership so just protect her from them. They may do fine at the dog park because that is neutral ground. You are a great doggie mom.

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