Second Best to Oatmeal

Lazy Sunday, life

is a fried egg with toast.  Just is case you don't already know.  It's a bit faster to put together as well.  Not quite as yummy, but still good.  

I'm off this morning to another yoga class.  That's 3 this week!  Time to buy a punch card.  I've exhausted my free options until next week.  It has been a fun new experience for me.  I like being in that part of the city.  I like experiencing something new.  And I like the lifestyle it brings to me.


As Paula says, when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful today.  I have a couple chores I HAVE to get done, since I didn't do them yesterday.  But I hope to spend the majority of today outside with my cute dogsie.



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