Thursday: Project Positive

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Yesterday I went to my first yoga class. 

This is something I've wanted to do for a long while.  I never knew where to go.  I didn't know anyone else who was going to a center and taking from a teacher.  I never went at the rec center when I used to work out regularly.  I was busy doing spinning.  And running.  

Yoga has always interested me.  The people who are hard core into yoga look exactly like the people who are hard core runners.  Long and lean.  And, while I never thought of myself as long and lean, I thought something even just a smudge similar to those results would be nice.

My friend Paula says, when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Yep.  I agree.

I talked to Paula about yoga a couple weeks ago, I knew she had gone to a retreat awhile back.  She said that she didn't take any classes right now, though she was involved in kung fu and buddhism for beginners.  (She is always taking some kind of class and involved in something interesting.)  The teacher she learned yoga from was no longer teaching, but she would ask her buddhist teacher if he knew where to find viniyoga in the valley.  

I thought about it for a couple days.  Wondering if, when I was given the information I asked for, if I would in fact act try it and take a class or two.  In effect, I had started the ball rolling, was I ready to pick it up and run with it?  Or was I going to back out because I was too afraid?  Afraid of what?  Wimp.

So I got online and googled yoga in Salt Lake City.  It's that easy people.

The Centered City Yoga center has a restore class that is based on viniyoga. I sent the link to Paula, she called the center, and a date was set.  The first class was free, so we were able to pop in one night, try it out with no commitment, and then decide if we like the class.

The class we went to was fundamentals.  I've only done yoga on a video.  And that was just ok for me.  I felt like, while it was hard and built strength, I was never doing it quite right.  It should be harder than that.  It is quite something different to have the instructor in the class to ask questions, correct your posture, and rub your head at the end while you are lying there sweaty and tired and hurting in places that don't normally hurt.  

The class was 80 minutes.  I was worn out.  Like I had just done a spinning class at the rec center.

My point of all this?  If there is a yoga center near you, try it.  Just once.  Go to a beginner class.  An easy class.  And try it.  You just might like it.  I should have done it a long time ago.

And how does this relate to Project Positive?  I feel better today than I have in a few weeks.  Exercise, it does a body good.  Even if all you can do is a walk around the block.  Get out and do it.


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