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I'm the first to tell you I'm a bit quirky.  

Here's the thing.  I like to be up early.  I get up waaay before I need to get ready for work.  I take Ellie out.  Spend a few minutes playing and giving her some love.  I make coffee.  I make breakfast.  I settle down in front of the computer.  I do the things I wish I could do if I didn't have to head off to work every morning.  

I'm usually in my pajamas nursing a hot cup of black coffee.  Enjoying the dark and quiet that is 5am.  Enjoying my warm oatmeal and brown sugar.  putting off starting reality as long as possible.

The problem?  My hands get cold.  While I'm enjoying this wacky morning routine, I don't like to be wrapped in blankets and hoodies.  Just my pjs.  And that means my hands get cold.  Humph.

Until now.

I finished knitting these fingerless gloves yesterday. Love them!  Like cozy socks for my hands.  I'm making a few more pairs that are not so bulky.  One for me since I work in a warehouse and it gets pretty chilly in my office.  The other two will go in my etsy shop.  since I've made the first pair, look for variations in color and style.  





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