Alice in Wonderland

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Truthfully, I'm not really a Tim Burton fan.  Really not.  I appreciate his vision and the art of the movies he creates.  But appreciation does not make me a fan.

I was really excited to see Alice in Wonderland until I heard it was a Tim Burton film.  Immediately I was turned off.  Not interested anymore.  But, two good friends went to see it.  They highly recommended it.

Also, the wedding site I stalk, Style Me Pretty, posted three photo shoots inspired by the movie.  People are so creative…





So last night, as I had no other plans and a big desire to do something other than sit on the couch and eat, I went to see it.  I supported my local neighborhood very small cinema and bought myself a ticket.  Then, I supported my local neighborhood very small Pepsi account and bought a drink.  I sat in the back row and prepared to not be wow'd.  

But I kinda was.  

Now, I was not entertained.  I did not get warm fuzzies that you see in those 1-800-flowers commercials.  I half expected them to break out into Very Happy Un-Birthday or Paint the Roses Red.  But, of course, they never did.  Which is ok.  Because if this cast of characters broke into song, it would have been very much more weirder.  

But the art. The sets. The costumes. The feeling of it all.  Amazing. While I was not entertained, I was wow'd by it all.  The pictures I was seeing, the emotion of the characters being translated so completely by the art and colors.  So good.

I came out of the movie finally inspired to make something.  To create something.

I think people should see this movie just to appreciate the brilliance that is Tim Burton.

Even though I'm still not a fan. 🙂


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