She said what?

she said


Ellie cracks me up all the time.  Her body is so long that when she runs she's bounding.  Her legs are so short that I'm surprised she really can jump pretty high.

This weekend we went to a friends house for a doggy play date.  We would throw the ball off the deck and the two dogs would go chasing after it.  Though Bella was the one chasing the ball and Ellie was chasing Bella.  She would leap off of the deck, which is about 2 -2.5 feet off the ground.  When she jumps, her front legs go out and her back legs go back and she sails through the air with ears a-flying.  So funny!  We kept throwing the ball and they kept chasing.  

She was so tuckered out that on the way home she flattened out on the seat and snoozed.  Even snored a bit.


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