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Most of you know I love shoes.  I sort of collect them.  In small quantities of course.  But there are not many things I enjoy more than shoe shopping.

I also collect shoe boxes.  Lotions.  Craft supplies.  Paper.  Half finished projects.  Hair products.  Books.  Magazines. 

The frustrating part about all this?  It just sits in piles around my apartment.  And when I look at the pile of school supplies.  Or the pile of empty shoe boxes.  Or the pile of half finished crochet projects.  I.  Feel.  Stuck.

So, in an effort to get something different than the same thing I've always gotten.  Through the end of April, because it's really gonna take that long, I'll be cleaning.  Clearing.  Finishing.  And moving on.  Because I just can't be stuck anymore.  







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