Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Hooray for Sunday!  

Two Saturdays in a row I did absolutely nothing.  Laid on the couch, watched movies, ate, didn't even change out of my pajamas.  I think I gain 5 pounds yesterday.  Seriously.

When I do that on Saturday, that leaves the errand running for Sunday.  Which I don't mind.  There aren't as many crazies on the roads or in the stores.  Which is nice.  Luckily today, I don't even have to go to the store.  I'm only going out to do laundry.  

Then I'm back to clean out.  Feeling the crazy need to clean out again.  Put things away, get rid of stuff, organize and put things in order.  Spring must be on it's way.  I like that.  


And if it weren't for this little dog that I have to take outside, I'd be staring at the sheets and sleep all day.




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