Thursday: Project Positive

Project Positive

I'm sure you've heard of the law of attraction, right?  What ever you think or feel is brought to you. What happens when you wake up and think, “Man I'm tired.  Today is going to drag by.  It's going to be awful.”  Then it is awful, right?  Well, what happens if you wake up and say, “Today is great.  The sun is shining, I'm feeling good.  It's gonna be a great day.”  Then it is a great day, right?  

In my book, it's even ok to wake up and say, “I'm dog tired.  My muscles are sore.  My body hurts.  But man it's gonna be a great day anyway.”  

Is that why happy people are always happy?  I think so.  It's because they have willed themselves to be that way.  They were faced with a decision, happy or upset?  And they choose happy.  They choose to look at everything in a positive way.  The sun is always shining behind those clouds. 

So, have a great day today.


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