Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

So yep, I've been MIA.  It's been an interesting months.  And I'm wishing I had more to share or pictures to show for it.  But I don't.  But that's fairly typical, isn't it?

I've started a new position at work.  It's completely fabulous.  I start training my replacement this week and I've very excited about it.



I have a surprising mountain of laundry to do.  How come this is always the case?  So frustrating to me that things keep getting dirty.  And I wash them.  And then they get dirty again.  Ack!

It's starting to turn springy here.  Which I love.  It makes me want to be outside.  I love the sunshine soaking into my skin and warming my soul clear through. I'm almost ready to head out with my camera in tow.  But not until more snow melts.  Brrr!

Feeling inspired by some pictures in last month's Real Simple.  Makes me want to redecorate the whole place!

Finished up my state taxes yesterday.  Finally done!  Farewell IRS.  Until next year.

In addition to the laundry that has miraculously piled up, there is a mountain of dishes too.  What is going on over here?  Good grief!  Isn't someone doing the chores around here?

Speaking of chores, I finally replaced the burned out lightbulb in the hall.  It's been out for about 6 months or so.  Obviously not a necessary light.  🙂

Things to do today.  Dishes to wash.  Floors to vacuum.  Under-roos to clean.





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