Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday, life

It's a berry lazy Sunday.  I was up really late last night, slept in a bit this morning.  I just totally enjoy the slowly waking up processes.  Instead of being jolted awake by some electronic beeping that gets louder and faster and exponentially more annoying if you try to ignore it.  That stuff is for the birds.  



Got most of the urgent laundry done yesterday.  Have a couple more loads to do today.  It's a good thing the big game doesn't start until later afternoon.  A couple chores/errands to accomplish today, but I have no desire to move very quickly to get it done.  Which is fine, because, as previously mentioned, I have lots of time today.  

Speaking of football, it's the Superbowl today.  Did you know?  I suppose if you didn't know you've been living under a rock and now I feel a bit sad for you.  Because that can't be at all comfortable.  Saints and Colts today.  Pick a team now!

I'm off to finish my coffee and put my eyeballs in.  I suppose I should shower too, since I'm headed out of the house. 

Loves to all on the fabulously football Sunday.  Who did you pick?


One thought on “Lazy Sunday

  1. cute socks! That is so clever. And I used to put in my eyeballs, too, but don't have to do that shocking thing anymore. That's very hard to do on tired eyes! And I bet you are getting addicted to coffee.

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