Trying to survive it all


Y'know, my world has been involved in some upheaval.  And I'm having trouble recovering.  I find myself mostly just trying to survive it all.  

Day in and day out.

Just trying to make it through the day to the end.  

When I can go home.

And change into comfy clothes.

And eat.

And then sleep it all off.

So I can make it through then next day.  

I find, that right now, I don't have the energy to make plans.  And I'm a planner.  I didn't used to be.  But I am now.  I have the need to create direction. Or find it.  And have a goal.  With a reward at the end.  And right now, I'm having trouble thinking past the weekend into next week.  It's becoming a bit frustrating.  

Which of course creates more stress and induces more sleeping.  Argh!

But here's the deal.  I'll survive these few weeks while things are all askew.  I'll focus on a few small things.  Like doing the dishes and doing 4 weeks worth of laundry in one day.  

Which, by the way, makes me grateful I have that many clothes and options so I can procrastinate the washing of it. 

I've been so long with no social calendar that when a small one finally develops, it upsets my lazy procrastinating time.  Which, when I don't want to do the laundry, but I have to because I need something to wear tonight and I don't want to go out and buy a new outfit because I just found out I have to PAY taxes this year and it's the week to pay rent and the phone bill and I really need to buy milk too and make spaghetti sauce because I need something to eat next week because I'm tired of eating out and tired of spending the money because I'm trying to pay off the stupid credit card except I want more shoes!  It can cause quite a problem.

I should really just shut up and do the laundry.


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