Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Headed up to play in the snow today.  Kinda excited.  Good snow, good company, and as usual, good food.  Because if the food isn't good, it's most likely not worth the effort.  Right?  It's supposed to snow all day so the skiing should be good.

I forgot to do my laundry yesterday.  Oops.  Really, how does one forget to do laundry?  Seriously.  So I'll be doing today after I play in the snow.  But in reality, I'll be doing it tomorrow after work.  I think.  Because I can't wait a whole week.

Taxes taxes taxes.  I need to do my taxes.  I now have all of the info I need. I think.  I just need to organize it and get it done.  Shouldn't be too bad.  I think. Ha!

That all for today.  Stay warm and cozy for me!


(From last April at Snowbird)




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