through the first week


I finally have a day off.  I've worked the last 6 days in a row.  Now, I understand there are people out there who work more days, longer hours, and do harder work.  I get it.  But this week has been hard on me.  It's taken me to a new level as far as coping with stress and anger and handling work loads.  It's definitely been a learning and stretching experience for me.  

This all boils down to music therapy and more yoga.

So, I have today off.  Yay!  No working for me this weekend.  And some fun things are definitely in the works to make this a killer weekend.  So fun!

To start the weekend off right, I went to bed at 7 last night.  Yep.  Stick a fork in me, Im done!  Slept all night.  Solid.  Woke up earlier then I wanted.  But there is opportunity to take a nap this afternoon too.  So I'm not worried.  

I'm cozy in my robe, with my coffee, reading my favorite blogs that I haven't read in what seems like forever.  I'm remembering why I've bookmarked them in the first place. My favorites today?

Boho Photography

Smile & Wave

Bleubird Vintage

Create Loves

Promise Tangeman


Alright.  I'm off to balance the almighty checkbook.  And then I'm sure I'll need some more yoga. 🙂



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