Thursday: Project Positive

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So it's been a rough week for me.  School started and one of my classes makes me want to kill myself.  Work has been busy, stressful, and borderline nightmare-ish.  And it's really cold.  All the time.  Plus, right now, I'm tired, hungry, and ready to sell everything and move across the country to start over someplace else.  And hopefully do it better the second time around.

When I'm feeling blue I make a list of things that make me happy.  So, on a positive note:

1.  I have a job.  A stable one.  With benfits.  And a 401(k).  They appreciate me.  There are no signs of being laid off.  Which is very nice.  And y'know, I have somewhere to go everyday.  Something that makes me get out of bed, shower, at least pull my hair out of my face, and put on a bit of makeup.  At least.  

2.  School keeps me very busy.  It gives me a plan.  A map.  Some direction.  And it keeps me off the couch stuffing my face with more melted cheese.  Yum.  School just reeks of progress and motivation.  

3.  Yes, it's cold.  But it makes me appreciate the warm.  Well, the hot really.   When the sun shines and it warms you straight to your innards.  Oh how I love it.  Cold brings the snow.  Which is beautiful and doesn't stay year round.  Yay!

4.  I have a whole music collection that always plays the right song when I need it to.  Life saver!

5.  And this drawing class may be my worst nightmare, but… I'm still trying to feel better about this one.  

So, even though I'm still feeling a bit blue, I am feeling much better than I was.  

I need some cheese…

Next week, what do you do to relieve your stress?  I wanna know!  Because, obviously, I have some.

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