You won’t believe it


I told you that school started this week, right?  Well, I now have class every night after work.  For at least 3 hours.  Trying to find a parking spot during the first week of class is a nightmare.  Seriously.  If you don't get there early, you are tough out of luck my friend.  

So it was my first class of Digital Media.  I'm pretty excited about this class after the intimidation of a class that Drawing has turned out to be.  Ack!  I ended up leaving work 15 minutes late.   Then, because I'm later than usual, traffic is worse than I'm used to.  I get to campus at 5:30.  The time class starts.  I've already accepted that I'm going to be late to the first night of class.  Fine.  Whatever.  But, now I can't find a parking spot.  WHAT?!?!?  So, after driving around the school and not having any reasonable luck, I take my chances with staff parking.  Parked in the farthest-from-the-building staff spot I could find.  Booked it to the building, without walking on the grass, and hauled my cookies up THREE flights of stairs.  Apparently I don't believe in elevators.  Whatever.  I book it down the hall to find the classroom.  

Only to find room 342 is dark.  Huh? Is this the right room?  I vaguely notice two people sitting at the computers in the dark room.  Then I see the notice.  Posted on the door.  With the school logo.  In black type.  (Helvetica, I think.)  Class is cancelled.  Come prepared for the first day of class on Thursday.


I flop my arms against my side in a mini tantrum.  I promise, it was so very mini sized.  I might have sighed audibly.  Maybe.  The two people sitting in the dark bust out in laughter.  The dude says, “Yep.  I know.  It's really too bad you're 15 minutes late to a class that's cancelled.”  We all laugh.  It really was funny.

Except I'm really bugged that I huffed and puffed my cookies up THREE flights of stairs to be 15 minutes late to a class that's cancelled.  Doesn't this teacher have email?  SEND ONE!  

And since I'm parked in staff parking, I book it back to my car so I don't end up with that ticket I was ok with 10 minutes ago.  Because I decided that I'm really not ok with it.

Did I mention I was wearing heels?  Yep.  And my bum is feelin' it.  It's a good thing I don't stress about stuff like this…

So, how was your day?



2 thoughts on “You won’t believe it

  1. I completly understand where you are coming from! When I was athe community college here, parking was the exact same thing! Firstweek and last 2 weeks of class parking spots were sparce. In fact, it has gotten worse there over the past year, people now have to park on the grass near the baseball fields- that has got to suck in the winter! I am so glad that my master's program is online so I don't have to deal with parking issues any more! I feel your pain though, especially in those heels! I made that mistake too. I learned that I need to bring my comfy shoes no matter how dumb they look or if it is going to be a longer class, change into comfy clothes before leaving work.
    I hope the rest of the week goes smoother..that teacher was an idiot! He could have had the secretarty in the department call and notify the class (that is if it was a small class)

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