I went outside.

I went outside, life

Gasp!  I know I know.  It's a rare thing these days.  With the temperature below freezing and all.  But a girl's gotta eat I tell you!  And do laundry.

This is what I saw.



Nice huh?  I sure do live in a pretty place.


So there are a few things going on around here.  School started.  Work is busy, but that's the same old. My hands are drying out.  And I've gone a bit shoe crazy.  But, while things settle down and I get back into the swing of things, I've decided on a few features for the ol' blogger.  You might have noticed…  

Lazy Sunday

Thursday: Project Positive


I went outside.  

If you would like to contribute, complain, or just plain comment, send me an email! (the link is on the left under my mug shot.)  Or you could, y'know, just comment.

Did you go outside today?  What did you see?  Popcorn?  An apricot tree?



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