have you heard of coworking?


I just did.  And I love it.  It could be the solution to all my problems.  Really.

I've always entertained the idea of working from home.  Who hasn't?  Sounds like a good deal.  I get to do what I do in my pajamas, with an endless supply of snacks, shower optional.  I have everything I need in my home office.  Computer, internet, phone, creative supplies, filing cabinet, tax history, bank account info, what else is needed?  

How about some human interaction?  Some face time?  With someone.  Anyone.  Because working at home, by yourself, can get lonely, boring, and frustrating.  There isn't anyone around to validate an idea or help you come up with one.

Enter coworking

It's a group of people, working independently, in the same space.  Think about taking everyone who works at home, and plop them in an office space with others.  Other people who are working independently.  Share the office, share the space, share ideas, build the office environment, get out of the house, and get your stuff done.  Sounds like a good way to stay motivated to me.  

Articles about it here from NPR.  And here from Web Worker Daily.

And, apparently, it's everywhere.

I've just heard of a place downtown that does this.  I'm totally enthralled.  I can't get over it.  Because my biggest hangup of working at home by myself is that I'd be by myself.  Both good and bad.  But to pop into the “office” once a week, or as needed, for some face to face work conversation, what an ingenious idea.  

It's called BetaLoft.  I think I'm in love.



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