I’m so glad

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January finally started.  Because that week, between Christmas and New Years, all the bloggers take off.  They actually take a vacation.  What?!?  

Hey, I'm all for taking time off work and experiencing a much needed vacation.  Especially around the holidays when there is so much going on and so much to recover from.  

But it left me with absolutely nothing to gaze at and keep me busy.  Can you believe it?  The nerve!

So in celebration of bloggers returning from vacation, here are some of my favorites that took some time off.  I'm so glad they are back!!

Design Sponge

Once Wed

Twig & Thistle

Style Me Pretty – even though they didn't really leave, I can't handle only one post per day.

SF Girl By Bay

How About Orange

Have a looksie.  Tell which one you like the best!



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