it’s the new year


Are you ready?  I am!  (i can't believe it's a new decade.  wow.)

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy new year celebration.  I did!  A few friends came over.  Kind of a last minute thing.  We had a good time.

It's time to spill!  What are your goals for the new year?  I want to hear it!  What's important for you in 2010?

On the to-do list for today:

1. Take down Christmas.  It's time now.  I will miss the lights and glitter.

2. Get new movies!  I'm off to Redbox to return 2 and get more.  Yay!  

3.  Dishes.  Like I said, some friends came over last night. 

4. Nail down the last of the goals for 2010.  I've procrastinating a little bit.  I'll be ready to share soon.  I promise.

5.  Address 2 more cards.

6. Pay the rent.  Yikes!

Have you heard of the digital cleanse?  I'm so doing it.   I'm freeing myself from Twitter and Facebook for the week.  Closed the browser windows and everything.  No temptation!  Harder though, is not texting or emailing from my phone.  And no celeb gossip sites!  Ack!  I think this will be harder than I give it credit.  But it should be a freeing experience.  And positive.  I hope.  And it's really not that big of a deal.  Not sure why I'm stressing so much… 

So even though I won't be posting to Facebook and Twitter this week, I will still be here.  In case you need a fix.  I'm around.

One of the best parts of last night?  I was visited by the silverware fairy.  Do you see the gift it left me?  If only you could be so lucky. 





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