on the list


the to-dos for the week:

1. New Year's cards and letter.  Off to the printer.  My printer is out of color.  Except for blue.  Which is now everywhere.  And that aint so pretty.

2. To the post office.  Hooray!  packages and letters in the mail.  And a purchase of stamps.  It's about time I bought some of my own.

3. Finish up the 2010 goal list.  I'm trying to be realistic about it this year.  It's time to take my progress seriously.  And I mean it this time.

4. Plans for Thursday night.  This is one new year I can't skip on and go to bed early.  It's a new decade for heaven's sake.

5. And if I get this all done, maybe skiing this weekend?  Snow in the forecast.  May be really busy but it's about time I went up.


Are you still thinking about your goals for 2010?  Get ready to share, I want to hear them!




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