Lazy Sunday, life

Well, I've traveled two weekends in a row.  Really not used to it.  It was nice to see my two lovely sisters.  But it's nice to be home too.

On the schedule for this week:

Work.  Ick.  

New Years' cards.  There is always so much going on between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I never get to the task of sending cards & letters.  I've decided I'm ok with it, I'll just send them after Christmas.  Happy New Year!  

Make plans for New Years.  I have nothing so far.  Not sure I want to host, but I'm up for anything!

I'm off to catch up on my computer tasks.  I sure do miss my computer when I'm gone.  I think I may be too attached to being connected.  Though, it is nice to detach myself for a couple days and just veg.  Maybe I'll do some of that too.





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