love the season

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hate the chores.  

The shopping, decorating, going, coming, here, there, everywhere.  Deep down, I love the holiday season.  Starting with Halloween, all the way to the new year.  I really do.  But all the self-inflicted rushing and running and hurrying.  Everything that should be happy and joyful about the holidays become chores, to be crossed off the to-do list.  

Shopping, baking, decoration, visiting, partying, working, wrapping, addressing, mailing…  Argh!

I think it's about high time we gave ourselves a break.  Really.  These chores we assign ourselves, they become the milestones of the season.  The reason we dread the season.  We have convinced ourselves that these activities are what makes the holiday season special.  And they certainly can contribute.  But they are not the foundation, cornerstone, or keystone to the happiness we can experience during the season.

Really, it's ok not to bake treats for the neighbor's dog.  He'll forgive you. I promise.  

Sure, write up the wish list of want-to-do's for the holiday season.  I did.  But give yourself permission to not finish them.  Give yourself permission to skip the party.  Skip the gift for the crossing guard at the school.  A sincere smile, hug, greeting, and expressed appreciation will mean more than the box with a carefully crafted bow and handmade tag.  I promise.

Next year, give yourself a break.  Allow yourself to sit by the tree, sip a hot drink, and just enjoy the coziness of it all.  Let yourself sit.  I promise it will be worth it.





One thought on “love the season

  1. Sunday I realized, while sitting in Sac. Mtg in Boron–the place where my life was spent–that the people and the music were the reasons I felt so much emotion. So wherever you are, it's the people around you, or who were/are part of your life, that fill your life with love that make the season. All the rest–food, activities, decorating–is because of/for people. And the same was true of the birth, atonement and resurrection of Christ–it was all for people, because of LOVE. So I guess, Love is the reason for the season–past, present and future seasons. It's what it takes to express that love that matters and needs our attention, be it cards, goodies, music, parties, gifts and wrapping, or the smiles and hugs. Your own act of love is whatever you choose to do.

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