how are you spending it?

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The big day of Christmas is fast approaching.  3 days left!!  How are you spending it?  With family?  Friends?  A family of Friends?  Alone?  

Are you done shopping?  Decorating?  Crafting?  Wrapping? 

I'm almost done.  One more gift to dash out and get (yikes!) and then two to wrap.  I had high hopes of getting done at a reasonable time this year.  Y'know, early enough to just enjoy the last week of festivities, parties, lights, and nog.  No such luck this year.  I always get so close!  But not quite there.

I am gifting my coworker gifts this week.  I love the way everyone's faces sparkle.  As fun as it is to give, it sure is fun to receive.  Someone thought of you!  Made (or bought) something for you!  Ah, tis the season.  

I'm working this week.  Pout.  I work Christmas Eve this year. As in years gone by.  After a hard day's work I'm off to my sister's.  If the weather holds up.  Here's to hoping the weather holds up.  Because as willing as I was to spend Thanksgiving alone, I'm not really geared to spend Christmas alone.  That would just suck the big one.  Totally.

In case you are in need of some fast neighbor gifts, or coworker ones for that matter, I compiled a small list of DIYs that I just love.  Initially, they are geared toward wedding favors.  But do not fear, they are so easily translated for the holidays.  Or any occasion for that matter.  Here goes!

From the always fabulous, Style Me Pretty:

A little bit involved, but so pretty! (contains alcohol)

Pretty favor boxes.  Perfect for truffles or small candies.

This one may not be for a neighbor, but it is altogether too fabulous to leave out.

Pretty mini succulents in aged pots.  It might be a bit late for the aged part, but easy and still pretty!

Next up: Twig & Thistle.  Love!

How about felt ornaments?  Are you handy with a sewing machine?  These are right up your alley and totally not difficult.

Super cute ornament wrappers.  For sale in their Etsy shop.  Hooray!

For the neighbors four-legged best friend.

Check out their Etsy shop for more DIY templates and cuteness.

From Poppytalk, a plethora of download and print items perfect for gift giving.

More felt ornaments from How About Orange.  Lots of fun printable and DIY goodness to be explored there.

Enjoy the gift giving season.  It definitely is more fun to give than receive.



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