christmas list

Lazy Sunday, life

For those who want to know… this is my christmas wish list.

This chair from Ikea.

This book for dummies.  I borrowed one from the library and have used it constantly.  It has been a lifesaver.  I'm really sad it's almost time to take it back.  I've renewed twice already.

This chandelier from Ikea.

This bag from Pansy Maiden.  Be still my heart.

It's too bad these bags won't be ready in time for Christmas.  I want one of these too!

These boots.  In black or cognac please.

I'm getting a bit carried away.  Sorry.  But I can't buy it all for myself! Ack!


In other news, yesterday was quite productive.  I figured out (sorta) how to make InDesign work.  Yay!  (My future career depends on this.)  Made some quite cute tags to go with my office christmas presents.  Don't ask me why, it's just kosher, ok? (did you get it?  it's KOSHER to give CHRISTMAS gifts??  hee hee hee.  I crack myself up.)

It snowed yesterday.  It was veeeery chilly.  Snowed again in the night.  Not lots, mostly just cold.  It's doing the misty-snowy thing again this morning.  But the sun  is shining right this minute, which is wonderful.  Today would have been a good day to go skiing…

I'm not planning on going outside today.  I'll be snuggly warm in my apartment.  Possibly working some more.  Possibly not.  But I'll be around to show pictures later.



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