i’ve been away


in case you didn't notice.  actually, it's been so long I had to sit here and remember how to do this.  ha!  

sometimes, when it all becomes too much, i walk away from something.  apparently I can only freak out about one thing at a time.  this time around, the blog was it.  sorry for the neglect.  i'll neglect something else next time.  i promise.

these are the goings on lately:

it snowed last weekend. yucky wind blowing freezing snow. and it stuck around all week.  buuuuur.


i let my plant die.  and i don't feel guilty about it.  not one bit.  but, i do feel bad i haven't cleaned up the carnage yet.  there is a pile of brown leaves on the floor under the window. yick.


i love getting packages at work.  the delivery to my apartment isn't reliable so I have everything sent to work.  so fun! looks like this one is from Japan.  I wonder what's in it.  hmmmm…


the turkeys are all lined up waiting for a special day.  coming soon to a kitchen table near you!


finally put something in the pink frame.  wishing I had some green and brown.  guess i forgot to get those ones.  settled for black and yellow…


it's been cold around here.  the scarves have started making appearances.  i'm not very good at putting them away.  i like them out!


This little guy keeps me company when i'm working late.  his name is alfred.


speaking of not putting things away, i think it's a real problem… ha!

IMG_0132 IMG_0133 

enjoy your weekend!  I'll be back tomorrow.  I promise… 


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