happy holidays

crafty, life

I love every season.  I enjoy every month.  Each one brings it's own feelings, memories, and new joys.  I love to savor and celebrate every month as it comes.  Rarely do I skip a month or season because I'm looking forward to the next one.  I celebrate each one separately. So it's quite a departure for me to skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving, two of my very favorite, and dive right into Christmas.

But that's the hang up with being any sort of designer or crafter.  They are always seasonally waaaay ahead of the rest of humanity.  Because once that season hits, people are looking for the new inspirational and sensantional thing.  And if the designers are not ready, they loose out.  It pays to be ahead of the game.

So I've totally skipped thanksgiving.  And I should have skipped halloween.  But, you see, I just love it so much.  But now I'm behind.  I need to get a move on or christmas will pass me right by.  Because I'm about to miss it already.  And I have big plans.  Big ones.  And this time, I'm gonna make it.  No matter what.



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