hi november

Lazy Sunday, life, photography

I'm so glad to meet you.  I hope you'll stay longer than October.  We could be good friends.




HELLO!  I took a small tiny  hiatus from being online last week.  My attitude and energy level was low low low.  I'm feeling more back to normal.  


Can I just say that I love to 'fall back'?  Love it!  The sun is shining just over the mountains.  The coffee is warm.  My toes are cold. It's a crisp and clean morning.  Right now is pretty good. And that's what counts, right?


I did a bit too much shopping yesterday.  Oops.  They aren't what I was looking for anyway.  So I'm off today to do some returns.  It's ok.  I'm really ok with the whole process.  It helps me cope. 🙂  


I've made another life decision.  Ready?  I'm going meat free.  Yep.  Sign me up for a vegetarian lifestyle.  I'm excited about this new frontier with out my beloved bacon.  And my body will thank me for it in oh so many ways.  So, does anyone have any recipes?  Something that is really good that I can adapt is good too.  I need some new things to try. So share your recipes!!



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