Today’s honey-do


Here are a few things I would like to explore today.

First, I'm off to the downtown library to experience the book festival.  The only thing I HAVE to do there is use the letterpress at the level 1 fireplace to prove I was there.  It's extra credit for my printing class.  I'm such a nerd that I'm excited about it.  I've never seen a letterpress work and I actually get a souviner.  Squeal!  I know, nerd.

Also, when I go downtown, I like to ride trax.  It takes a bit longer to get there.  And I think I have to change trains this time.  But it's a fun experience for me.  I don't have to drive downtown (which really isn't that bad, I just don't like it), and it makes me feel good about not driving my car when I don't have to.  Y'know, every little bit counts.  Even if all that means is someone else had a better day because they didn't have to deal with my crazy driving downtown.

Then I'm off to DI on my way home.  Looking for a chair or two on the cheap.  Not matching and paint worthy.  I'm kind of excited to start collecting chairs.  And I vow not to be scared off by the upholstered ones.  It's more opportunity to personalize the thing.  I'm not afraid of some batting, fabric, and a staple gun.  Are you?

Wouldn't it be fun to upholster the chair with bubble wrap instead of batting??!  How much crazy fun is that?

I'm taking my camera and vow to take at least one picture of the adventure.  Mom, it's ok to call it an adventure.  It's not raining, I'm not driving, and it's a relatively safe city.  

I'll have to share that story sometime…

_MG_0030 Here's flashback to my dresser.  This project was so fun and satisfying.  

My thought for the chairs is something similar.  All different, in the same color (and fabric).  I'm thinking yellow…



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