Sun Day

inspirations, Lazy Sunday, photography


Yesterday was a fun day.  It was nice to be exploring outside.  It was slightly chilly, but not uncomfortable.  It was fall, all over the city, which was so fun.  


I explored every floor of the downtown library and got my extra credit piece I went for.  Plus an extra special find I'll share more about tomorrow.


Plus, extra bonus, I stopped by DI on my way home just to see if there were any chairs worth rescuing.  Eureka!  Found two chairs, matching, $5 each.  Sweet!  They are metal and lucite so no painting involved.  How crazy perfect are those?


It's Sunday so I'm off to do laundry and watch football.  Although, I'm playing with spending some hours outside in the partly cloudy perfectness that is fall.  What are you up to today?



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