Look what I found! Another favorite wedding blog…


Welcome to the new blog for JAC photography! Our website got a little makeover as well, please be sure to check it out by clicking “portfolio” link on the side bar to the right! We’ve been saving some recent shoots to blog about here, we can’t wait to share them! Click on the right to read about us, subscribe to this blog, see more work and get some info. We’d like to thank Ryan at Finch Design for his tireless efforts. He exceeded all expectations! All of the photos of JAC were taken by the oh so talented Jonathan Canlas. He’s not only an amazing photographer but a great friend. Our little birdie friend and logo is courtesy of the also super talented Eric Kass. Thank you so much guys! It’s been a long journey, we’re proud to share it all with you now!

via jacshootblog.com

Totally in love with this group of wedding photographers. Makes me wish I was getting married soon so I could have images like these. Perfection. And beautiful. Definitely a new favorite.


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