crazy schedule


Yesterday I got home from work and was quite exhausted.  I had picked up chinese food on the way home.  Devoured it.  Hooray for cream cheese wontons!

The point is, I hit the bed sheets at 6:30.  Yep.  Slept alllllll night too.  Ahhhh.

But now it's 4:30 am and I'm wide awake.  Which, ultimately, I'm ok with.  I was wanting to head into work early today anyway.  Crazy behind on waaaay too many things.  

School gets me up this early on Tuesday and Thursday and work gets me up on Monday.  So why not make it routine and add Wednesday to the mix?  Because it's bloody early.  That's why.

But now I'm enjoying a warm drink and the crazy thunder and lighting that's rolled in.  So I don't have too many complaints about it.


(also, more photos from SLC Cemetery to the right ->)



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