1/2 mile of river + solitude


= peace

I went 1/2 mile up Mill B South trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon today.  Really needed an excursion outside.  I had been planning on going up the canyon this weekend, but supposedly, we are supposed to get our first mountain snowfall mid-week.  So I jumped at the opportunity and went up today.


And what a beautiful evening it was.  We hit about 90 degrees this afternoon.  It was cooling off, the mosquitos were starting to buzz.  The trail wasn't crowded at all.  I took advantage of no one watching and stepped off the trail a couple times.  I know, naughty.  But it was only to get closer to the river.  So totally worth it.


I took advantage of the peace and quiet and let my mind wander.  Then, when I got tired of my own randomness, I turned to what was going on around me.  It is always surprising to me that I see totally different things on the way down than I did on the way up.  Makes the whole trip new and exciting.  I decided early on that I didn't want to go all the way to the top.  Just far enough to take some pictures and feel satisfied emotionally.  And I did.  


I am hoping to get in another trip before the snow really hits.  Not sure why I have to plan so far in advance.  It's not like I have much to keep me busy…


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