Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday


I got a late start today.  And it's not feeling very lazy either.  

I need to get some serious laundry done, but I don't have enough quarters.  And I don't feel like charging around the city to get some.  So I'll be putting it off another day or two.

 I've been busying myself with a couple crafty things these past couple weeks.  It's been super fun. 

There are a few photo destinations on my list.  The leaves are starting to turn so I need to head up to the canyons very soon or I will miss all of it.  Also, still haven't been back to the cemetery.  And, I want to head up to Park City again, this time armed with my camera.

I have some homework to catch up on, but I'm so not feeling motivated for that.  Ugh.

That's all for now.  And all for today too.  I think. 🙂



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