19th Special Forces



Last weekend my sister Janet and her husband David came to Utah and stayed with me for a couple nights.  Dave was in town for drill, he is a chaplain in the Utah National Guard.  Janet came along this time because there was a formal dinner held for their unit at the capital building.

They asked if I wanted to go.  I thought it would be fun, I've never been to a formal dinner before.  So sure, I wanted to go.

I was to bring my camera along and just sort of document the evening for those who wouldn't be there.  Super nervous about it.  I don't have much experience documenting events.  But, this would be a no-expectations situation that I would be able to get some practice.  So sure, I'll do it.

In the end, I was very honored to be at the event.  I had never been inside the capital building.  What a beautiful place! I felt inspired being there with these soldiers and their families who have made such sacrifices.  I felt so honored to be in their company.

So, the pictures are not the best that I've ever taken.  But it was huge for experience and learning.  So glad I did it.  There is a photo album in the right sidebar if you are interested.  

And now I have a wish list of photo equipment to do better the next time the situation comes up.


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